2015年2月28日 星期六

'The Lock at Pontoise' By Pissarro

Paul Durand-Ruel invested in Pissarro after the artist had lost almost his entire life's work, over 1,000 of his paintings, pillaged in the Franco-Prussian War. 'The Lock at Pontoise', painted when he returned to France from London can be seen in our exhibition 'Inventing Impressionism' which opens this Wednesday.http://bit.ly/1LifAfk

Check Out Google’s Insane Plans for a New Headquarters

The new Mountainview, California, campus is designed by a London-based firm.
Google unveiled an audacious plan to redevelop its headquarters campus on Friday, proposing to convert a hodge-podge of non-descript office buildings into an enclave of signature tent-shaped glass-and-metal...

Google 矽谷新總部方案曝光,模塊化街區可隨時變形
作者  | 發布日期 2015 年 02 月 28 日 分類 Google

2015 年 2 月 28 日 Google 公司矽谷新總部方案曝光,將現有的山景城總部重新設計建造,打造可變換、半透明的辦公設施,牆壁、天花板、地板都可以在數小時內調整重組,山景城將成為 Google 街區,Google 預期新總部有望在 2020 年完成首個街區的建設。

Google 矽谷總部的新方案是在山景城現有格局中進行大幅度的改造和升級,打造一個巨大的可移動半透明天花板,為所有的建築和綠植加了一個頂,外層設計有智慧型遮蔽系統,可保證光照和控制地面溫度。該總部不會新建大量的混凝土永久建築,而是使用機器人控制牆壁、地面,在數小時內就可調整地面建築結構,任何小的建造物都可以調整位置,模塊化組合。


Google 將變換的建築群稱為輕型街區,公司總部可根據產品工程師的需求不斷改變,每一處的光照和空氣流通速度都可以控制。隨著 Google 總部越來越大,矽谷山景城儼然變成了 Google 城,新總部也強化了對周圍社區的功能輻射作用,為本地居民創造了一個城市中心區,大量綠植和步行道可由Google 員工和山景城居民共享。


Google 新總部的方案能夠順利實施還需要等待山景城市議會的決定,由於該城市的土地開發資源不多,Google 需要與 LinkedIn 爭奪該地區的開發權,一旦市議會選擇了 Google 的方案,LinkedIn 公司的方案就會擱置,顯然山景城不急於決定哪家公司的方案會勝出。

Bridget Louise Riley

Before ‪#‎TheDress‬, there was Op art like Bridget Riley's painting "Current" on our 4th Floor. http://bit.ly/1EUfbh6
[Bridget Riley. "Current." 1964]


Bridget Riley
Riley, Movement in Squares.jpg
Movement in Squares, 1961.
BornBridget Louise Riley
24 April 1931 (age 83)
Norwood LondonEngland, UK
EducationGoldsmiths CollegeRoyal College of Art
Known forPainting and Drawing
Movementop art
Bridget Louise Riley CH CBE (born 24 April 1931 in NorwoodLondon) is an English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of op art.[1] She currently lives and works in London, Cornwall and France.[2]

Sir George Clausen

Sir George Clausen ‘The Road, Winter Morning’, exhibited 1923
Sir George Clausen
exhibited 1923


World War I poster by George Clausen from 1915.
Caption: "The Underground Railway of London, knowing how many of their passengers are now engaged in important business in France and other parts of the world, send out this reminder of home. Thanks are due to George Clausen RA for the drawing." Below the drawing is a poem by Samuel Rogers, "A wish, mine be a cot beside the hill..."
Sir George Clausen RA (18 April 1852 – 22 November 1944), was an English artist working in oil and watercolour, etchingmezzotintdry point and occasionally lithographs. He was knighted in 1927.

2015年2月27日 星期五

Joaquín Sorolla

Joaquín Sorolla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (27 February 1863 – 10 August 1923) was a Spanish painter.Sorolla excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes, a numental ..

【西班牙歷史上的今天 ~ Joaquín Sorolla 于1863 年二月27日出生于 Valencia】
Joaquín Sorolla 是西班牙 19 世紀末 20 世紀初的一位多才多藝的藝術家,以其印象派畫風著名,附上的這張是他很有名的「在海邊散步(Paseo a orillas del mar)」
在馬德里有個 Sorolla 美術館(Museo Sorolla),有人去過嗎?

Victor Hugo

Author of Les Misérables, Victor Hugo, was born ‪#‎onthisday‬ in 1802. He was also an artist http://ow.ly/Jn4vC

2015年2月26日 星期四

Whitworth Art Gallery

More than a month’s worth of visitors piled into the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester when it reopened after a £15m ($23m) revamp on February 14th. To celebrate, its spirited director, Maria Balshaw, put on a welcome-back show that did both city and gallery proud http://econ.st/17waj6n

2月18日 23:21 · 
The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester reopened on 14 February after a £15 million refurbishment that has transformed the 125 year old gallery and fully integrated it with the park.
Nearly 18,000 visitors joined in the celebrations over the weekend - 2,000 more visitors than the gallery would record in an average month prior to closing.
Find out more: http://bit.ly/1AleFaL
Photos by David Levene
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    1. Map of whitworth art gallery
  1. Whitworth Art Gallery
    Museum in Manchester, England
  2. The Whitworth Art Gallery is an art museum in Manchester, England, containing about 55,000 items in its collection. The museum is located in Whitworth Park south of the Oxford Road campus of the University of Manchester. Wikipedia
  3. AddressOxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire M15 6ER, United Kingdom
  4. Opened1908

Abraham Bloemaert 1564-1651

Tomorrow, John Walsh BA '61, a specialist in Dutch paintings, concludes his lecture series at the Yale University Art Gallery exploring the history of 17th c. Dutch painting. Watch:http://bit.ly/1FkxJHa
[Excerpt: Lecture 1, Abraham Bloemaert’s "Deluge" and the Dawn of the Golden Age]

  1. Abraham Bloemaert
  2. Abraham Bloemaert was a Dutch painter and printmaker in etching and engraving. He was one of the "Haarlem Mannerists" from about 1585, but in the new century altered his style to fit new Baroque trends. Wikipedia
  3. BornDecember 25, 1564, Gorinchem, Netherlands
  4. DiedJanuary 27, 1651, Utrecht, Netherlands
  5. PeriodsBaroque, Dutch Golden Age

This painting by Abraham Bloemaert is the subject of the first lecture in a six-week series titled A History of Dutch Painting in Six Pictures given by John Walsh, Director Emeritus of the J. Paul Getty Museum and specialist in Dutch paintings. The lecture, "Abraham Bloemaert’s Deluge (ca. 1590-95) and the Dawn of the Golden Age," begins at 1:30 pm TODAY in the Gallery's lecture hall. See you there! Learn more here: http://artgallery.yale.edu/programs/dutch-painting
Note: A video of each lecture will be available on the Gallery's YouTube channel within a few days of its delivery.youtube.com/yaleartgallery