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Dutch Design Week,米蘭設計周:向經典致敬Milan Design Week 2014 Sleek, Seductive Italian Furniture Makes Its Way Stateside

Starting tomorrow, Eindhoven once again becomes the design centre of Holland. For nine days, Dutch Design Week is showcasing the country's burgeoning design and technological innovations.
DDW is the largest design show in Holland, consisting of over 400 events that take place at 89 locations spread throughout the city of Eindhoven. Discover the upward force of design; seek inspiration in the ground-breaking work of a staggering number of designers, optimistic buzz guaranteed.
Photo: Lisa Klappe Photography

Photo Diary | Milan Design Week 2014: Cassina, Marni and “Untold”

April 19, 2014


卡西纳(Cassina)的Maralunga 40 Mercurio Vivo沙发,一组实验性的样品。
卡西纳(Cassina)的Maralunga 40 Mercurio Vivo沙发,一组实验性的样品。

Scenes from the Milan Design Week photo diary of Danilo Scarpati.
达尼洛·斯卡帕蒂(Danilo Scarpati)在米兰设计周(Milan Design Week)现场拍摄的照片日志。
In his continuing coverage of this year’s Milan Design Week, the photographer Danilo Scarpati captured some of the most compelling collaborations of the fair. He visited the Cassina showroom for a closer look at the new Maralunga sofa, created in collaboration with 20 students from the Swiss art and design school ECAL. The design celebrates the 40th birthday of the brand’s best-selling model, which was the first upholstered sofa to incorporate movement. Scarpati then moved onto Marni’s “Animal House,” an installation of its limited-edition line of metal animal sculptures — giraffes, ostriches, rabbits, ducks, donkeys and flamingos — wrapped in brightly colored PVC. The army of colorful creatures were accompanied by the Marniesque furniture that rounds out the collection, which was handmade by a group of Colombian women and benefits Associazione Sogni Onlus, a foundation that aids terminally ill children. A short drive downtown brought Scarpati to his final destination: “Untold,” the group exhibition curated by the Italian design maven Rossana Orlandi in collaboration with Vionnet and Audemars Piguet at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.
摄影师达尼洛·斯卡帕蒂对今年的米兰设计 周进行了持续报道,他在报道中捕捉到了此次展会最吸引人的一些团体设计作品。他参观了卡西纳(Cassina)品牌的展厅,以便仔细看看那组新颖的 Maralunga沙发。该作品由20位来自瑞士洛桑艺术设计大学(ECAL)的学生设计,是对该品牌最畅销的一款沙发问世40周年的贺礼。那款沙发,曾 经是第一款装上软垫以结合人体运动的沙发。斯卡帕蒂又来到玛尼(Marni)品牌的“动物之家”,这里展示着该公司一系列限量版的金属动物雕塑,有长颈 鹿、鸵鸟、兔子、鸭子、驴子和火烈鸟,雕塑的外部都包裹着鲜艳的PVC面料。在这支彩色动物大军周围,环绕着玛尼风格的家具。这批动物雕塑是由一群哥伦比 亚妇女手工制作的,其销售收入的受益者是一家专门帮助重症儿童的基金组织Sogni Onlus协会(Associazione Sogni Onlus)。再往市中心的方向行驶一小段路,斯卡帕蒂就来到了他要参观的最后一站:Untold。这组展览由意大利设计专家罗撒纳·奥兰迪 (Rossana Orlandi)与薇欧耐(Vionnet)以及爱彼(Audemars Piguet)两大品牌合作,在巴加蒂·瓦尔塞基博物馆(Bagatti Valsecchi Museum) 举办。



In Store | Sleek, Seductive Italian Furniture Makes Its Way Stateside

November 30, 2013


Azucena makes some of the most strikingly elegant furniture in the world, yet this secret of the Milanese haute bourgeoisie has remained under the radar for decades — until now.
One of the perennial surprises of the design world is the fact that Azucena, the Italian furniture company founded in 1947 by the architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Ignazio Gardella, and the designer Corrado Corradi dell’Acqua, is not better known. Its sleek but sensual (and still Italian-made) sofas, tables, lamps and other objects, many of which were designed in the 1950s and ’60s, and still feel forward-looking, can be found in some of the best houses in Italy. Over the years, Azucena’s products have inspired designers, from the minimalist Andrée Putman to the maximalist Alberto Pinto. These classically modern designs are beginning to attract a new generation of admirers, including the British designer Ilse Crawford and the Milan designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci of Dimore Studio. Moran and Salci have used its products in their own apartments as well in projects like the Caffè Burlot for Thierry Costes in Paris — so it’s fitting that they were asked to design the company’s elegant new showroom, which opened earlier this year in the heart of Milan’s stylish shopping district.
Azucena的知名度并不如人们想象得 高,这一点始终让设计界人士颇感意外。Azucena是意大利家具品牌,创立于1947年。创始人是两位建筑师:路易吉·卡恰·多米尼奥尼(Luigi Caccia Dominioni)和伊尼亚齐奥·加尔代拉(Ignazio Gardella),以及设计师科拉多·科拉迪·德拉科瓦(Corrado Corradi dell’Acqua)。Azucena出品的沙发、桌子、电灯等家具样式规整,却给人以完美的感官享受(且保持了意大利制造的品质),其中许多家具虽是 20世纪50至60年代设计出来的产品,但其款式放在今天,依然显得时尚前卫。你可以在意大利最好的住宅中看到它们。多年来,Azucena的产品激发了 一代又一代设计师的灵感,从极简主义者安德莉·普特曼(Andrée Putman),到极繁主义者阿尔贝托·平托(Alberto Pinto)无不如此。如今,Azucena经典而又现代的设计风格,正开始吸引新一代的追随者,包括英国设计师伊尔莎·克劳福德(Ilse Crawford);米兰设计师、Dimore Studio公司的布里特·莫兰(Britt Moran)和埃米利亚诺·萨尔奇(Emiliano Salci)。莫兰和萨尔奇不仅为自家公寓置办Azucena家具,还在他们的项目中采用了Azucena的产品。其中一个项目,就是为蒂埃里·科斯特 (Thierry Costes)在巴黎设计一家餐厅——比尔洛咖啡馆(Caffè Burlot)。于是,当Azucena公司需要设计新的陈列室时,自然而然就找到了莫兰和萨尔奇。新陈列室于今年初正式开放,地处米兰时尚购物区的中心 地带。
Marta Sala and her sister, Anna, who run the company (their great-uncle is Caccia Dominioni), felt that the old showroom — in a spare, off-the-beaten-path space — didn’t fit the company’s image. The new space has high, beamed ceilings and parquet floors that provide a more suitable backdrop for Azucena’s sumptuous pieces. And Dimore Studio, which is known for effortlessly bridging old and new, gave the interior a contemporary spin.
Azucena公司目前的运营者是玛塔· 萨拉(Marta Sala)和她的妹妹安娜(她们的叔公正是卡恰·多米尼奥尼)。她们认为旧的陈列室较为简陋、位置偏僻,不符合公司形象。而新陈列室采用带横梁的高天花板 和橡木地板,与Azucena的奢华家具更加相映成趣。Dimore Studio公司一向善于将复古与新潮元素完美融合,也将Azucena新陈列室的室内装潢设计得颇具现代感。
Danilo Scarpati
“We thought it would be nice to create a neutral space without using white walls,” Moran explained. He and Salci painted it gray and modulated the space with lacquered panels in gray and bordeaux — signature Azucena colors — that hang from a brass grid suspended from the ceiling. The designers accented these tones with upholstery fabrics in pinks and blues, and used various Azucena lights in compositions on the walls. In keeping with the meticulous details for which Azucena is known, a brass baseboard molding draws a precise but luxurious line around the space.
“我们认为,营造一个色调中性、没有白墙 的空间,效果会很好,”莫兰解释道。他和萨尔奇将墙壁漆成灰色,同时采用灰色和波尔多葡萄酒色的漆面板来调和室内的光影——灰色和波尔多葡萄酒色,恰恰是 Azucena的标志性颜色,漆面板挂在天花板悬垂下来的黄铜格栅上。设计师还采用了粉色和蓝色的装饰面料来增强光影氛围,同时在墙面打上多种 Azucena色调的灯光。为了凸显Azucena一贯的严谨作风,他们还在护墙板上采用黄铜装饰线,环绕整间陈列室,线条精准而奢华。
Danilo Scarpati
Finally the furniture has a fitting home.
Available in the United States through the Suite New York showroom; suiteny.com.
Azucena家具在美国有售,详询Suite New York陈列室;suiteny.com。