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Keith Haring 1958-90

Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further' - #KeithHaring, born on this day in 1958.
Join us in Liverpool for Keith Haring's first, major UK exhibition, with more than 85 artworks spanning the artist's short but spectacular career. Opens 14 June at Tate Liverpoolhttp://bit.ly/2WlrySn
Keith Haring, Untitled 1986, Collection Emmanuelle & Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris © Keith Haring Foundation


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#KeithHaring mural revealed at Mecanoo’s new masterplan after being hidden for 30 years!

Now that the mural is out in the open, the Stedelijk, Keith Haring Foundation, Gemeente Amsterdam and the project developers of Marktkwartier West designed by Mecanoo will continue the dialogue to see how the mural can be best preserved for the future.

More at http://bit.ly/2J8HD6I

Keith Spotlight on Keith Haring

Haring was known for combining the appeal of cartoons with the raw energy of street art, as seen in "Untitled" (1983) and "Radiant Baby (from Icons)" (1990). These two signature works by the sought-after artist are live for bidding now in our current "Pop Art" sale. Browse and bid before this auction comes to a close on May 31: https://artnt.cm/2kev5R0

38Haring, The Blueprint Drawings, 1990

Keith Haring

The Blueprint drawings #7, 1990

Hamilton-Selway Fine Art

Keith Haring

The Blueprint drawings #14, 1990

Hamilton-Selway Fine Art

From 1980 to 1981, before shooting to fame, Haring created a suite of black-and-white Sumi ink drawings that were intended as blueprints from which to make copies. The drawings feature Haring’s signature pared-down lines and recurring motifs, including androgynous human figures, often engaged in violent or sexual acts; UFOs; dogs; and pyramids. In early 1990, Haring returned to the drawings he had created nearly a decade prior, turning them into a portfolio of screenprints. The drawings are both touching and urgent in the way they address same-sex love and the AIDS epidemic, and Haring made the portfolio just one month before his death from the disease.

Keith Haring’s penis drawings, Gertrude Stein’s book for children,Thomas Mann’s fascist asshole, and other news.

Keith Haring’s Book of Penis Drawings Is Better Than It Sounds

This and more in today’s roundup.


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Keith Haring


Keith Allen Haring was an American artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war. Wikipedia

Born: May 4, 1958, Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

Died: February 16, 1990, New York City, New York, United States

Education: School of Visual Arts (1978–1980)


18小時 · 編輯紀錄 ·

2015年還沒過完,2016年1月就有讓設計迷值得興奮的大事!沒錯,明年元月,美國塗鴉藝術家,凱斯哈林(Keith Haring)的作品將首度在台灣舉行「普普.塗鴉,凱斯哈林特展」啦!


而這一次在台展出的內容,將空運日本中村凱斯哈林美術館(Nakamura Keith Haring Collection)的珍藏作品,將展出包括畫作、雕塑、攝影作品與出版品等133件作品。小編貼心叮嚀,即日起到12月10日限時早鳥票NT$160(原價NT$280)已經正式開賣囉,設計迷還等什麼呢?現在,就先跟小編一起預習藝術家凱斯哈林的二三事,再來場凱斯哈林的普普冒險吧!



展期:2016 年 1 月 20 日 ~ 2016年 4 月 10 日,週一至週日10:00-18:00(除夕休館)


票價:即日起至12月10日 預售票價160元(原價:280元)

購票管道:7-11 ibon、全家Famiport、Gomaji、17 Life、博客來售票網


才,凱斯哈林(Keith Haring) - MOT TIMES 明日誌

早逝的塗鴉奇才,凱斯哈林(Keith Haring) - MOT TIMES 明日誌

早逝的塗鴉奇才,凱斯哈林(Keith Haring) - MOT TIMES 明日誌


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‘I don’t know if I have five months or five years, but I know my days are numbered. This is why my activities and projects are so important now. I’m sure that what will live on after I die is important enough to make sacrifices of my time. Work is all I have and art is more important than life’ - Keith Haring, 1987

Keith Haring (1958–1990) used his art to raise awareness of HIV. He himself was diagnosed with the virus in 1988. The artist’s poster ‘Ignorance = Fear’ refers to the challenges faced by people living with HIV and subsequently AIDS. He wanted to reach as many people as possible, and his work continues to highlight the importance of HIV and AIDS education today. A year after his diagnosis, Haring set up The Keith Haring Foundation, to provide funding and support for HIV research, charities and education.

Keith Haring died of AIDS related complications on 16 February 1990, age 31. The Keith Haring Foundation continues to strive to meet Keith Haring’s wishes in the fight against HIV and AIDS. To find out how you can make a difference, visit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (a partner of The Keith Haring Foundation). #WorldAIDSDay

Learn more about Keith Haring and his activism in an exhibition of the artist’s work at Tate Liverpool from June 2019. http://bit.ly/2OBiXq9

Keith Haring Ignorance = Fear 1989 © Keith Haring Foundation